A Guide to the Six Invitational 2021 | Paris, France | May 11th to 23rd, 2021

The Six Invitational is an annual event hosted by Ubisoft to celebrate the achievements of the Rainbow Six Siege community. The Six Invitational 2021 will take place at the Espace Grande Arche de la Défense exhibition center located in Paris, France between May 11th and 23rd, 2021. The grand prize is $1,000,000!

The Six Invitational is no stranger to the winners circle. In fact, five of the last six tournaments have been won by a team from the European or North American regions. In 2017, NRG Esports took the stage in the finals, and Team Liquid, the current NA LCS champions, won it all in 2018. So, will the trend continue? We’ll have to wait until May to find out. Join us for all the action as we cover the Six Invitational 2021.

General information

The 2021 Six Invitational finally gets underway on the 11th. May, originally scheduled for February

. The best teams in the world will compete for the world title and a total prize of $3,000,000!


Instead of being held in Montreal as usual, this SI will be held in Paris without spectators due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Schedule and format

Group stage (11 – 16 May)

The group phase consists of two groups which are played in a round robin format, i.e. all teams play each other once. A full schedule and overview of the status of the
is available here. The teams will be divided as follows:

Teams and groups

Group A :

  • BDS Esport (Shaiiko, Renshiro,
    BriD )
  • Cloud9 (EnvyTaylor , Static , Nova , Harp3r , SyAIL )
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming (
    Anitun ,
    SuzuC , gatorada , BlackRay , Ayagator )
  • DarkZero Esports (
    Mint , Hyper , Skys ,
    Ecl9pse ,
    njr )
  • FaZe Clan (
    Astro ,
    cameram4n ,
    Bullet1 , Cyb3r, Soulz1 )
  • FURIA Esports (h1ghs , LENDA ,
    Miracle ,
    Fntzy ,
    R4re )
  • G2 Esports (Kantoraketti , UUNO ,
    CTZN ,Virtue ,
    Kayak )
  • Team Empire (
    ShepparD , JoyStiCK , Scyther ,
    Dan ,
    Always )
  • Team Liquid (nesk ,
    xS3xyCake ,
    psk1 , Paluh , HSnamuringa )
  • Team oNe eSports (Lagonis, KDS, Alem4o, Levy,

Group B:

  • Giants Gaming (
    Lunarmetal , Ysaera , HysteRiX , SpeakEasy ,
    jrdn )
  • MIBR (reduce , Faallz , LuKid , Rappz , FelipoX )
  • Mkers (Lollo, Gemini, Scatto, Aqui, Sasha)
  • Pajama Ninja (Kamikaze ,
    Psycho , julio , muzi , pino )
  • Oxygen Esports (FoxA ,
    LaXInG ,
    VertcL , Yoggah, Kyno )
  • Parabellum Esports (Spiritz, Eskaa,
    Sonar, Euphoria)
  • Spacestation Gaming (Thinkingnade ,
    Rampy , Bosco , Fultz ,
    Canadian )
  • TSM (Achieved, Merc, Beaulo, Geometrics, Chala)

Virtus.pro and Wildcard Gaming cannot participate due to COVID 19 restrictions, so Group B is smaller.

The top 4 teams in each group qualify for the top playoff group, while places 5-9 and 5-7 in Groups A and B qualify for the bottom group.

The matches will be played in a best-of-1 format.

Play-offs (19 – 23 May)

The playoffs are divided into a lower group and an upper group. You can find the full rankings and calendar here as soon as they become available.

Matches are played in the best three sets, with the exception of the grand final, which is played in the best five sets.

Sugar licorice

Sugar drops

Elimination group stage (11-16 May)

The following items will be available during the group stages:

  • Esports Charm Group Stage – 4 hours viewing time
  • 3 Esports packages – 4 hours of viewing per package

Play-offs (19 – 23 May)

The following items will be available during the playoffs:

  • VIP Playoffs Charme – Duration 4 hours
  • 5 Esports packages – 4 hours of viewing per package

Contents of the Esports Pack

The following items can be purchased separately through the Esports packages:

  • VIP package for the Tachanka Six Invitational:
    • Weapon skin
    • Headgear
    • Uniforms
    • Charm
  • Ash Pro League Leather
    • About Ash Chibi
    • Constellation of waffle skins
    • Head thunder
    • Cosmic Nexus Shape
  • Nomad Pro League Leather
    • Golden Nomad Chibi
    • Halcyon Flux pistol housing
    • Headgear for excursionists
    • The shape of heavenly glory
  • Skin Castle Pro League
    • Golden Castle of Chibi
    • Proton arm skin
    • Faggot leather headgear
    • Shape of the quasar

Esports packages may contain duplicates.

How to earn points on Twitch

You earn points by linking your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts and watching the Twitch streams below. All drop points must be claimed manually, and you can track your progress on your Twitch inventory page.

Please note that it may take one to two days for items to arrive in the game.

Shipment information

Streaming on Twitch

Other transfers

Broadcasting talent

A broadcast in English will be made available to you:

Broadcasting talent

You can find her on Twitter here: @MiloshTheMedic, @Dezachu,

@Hap_R6, @XRTROIKA, @DemoCasts, @blucasts, @Stoax, @JessGOAT, @DevmartaHi, @GuzzCasts, @ZenoxCasts, @INTERRO and @KiXSTArTV.

Associated coverage

In 2020, there will be something for both classic and modern players. To be in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to wait for release this year. Therefore, games that have just been announced and do not yet have an exact release date are not included.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020 in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.

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