A toxic hacker has forced Sony to disable its online Little Big Planet servers

While Sony’s Little Big Planet servers have been down for almost a week, the game’s fan community has banded together to find out if they can fix the problem. Some have taken to creating DIY software tools to try to fix the game, while others have decided to take a more radical approach. When Sony released information on the problem, a hacker named “Kotaku” released information on how to patch the game to remove the hack, and later released a patch.

A hacker has forced Sony to disable its online Little Big Planet servers for up to a week to allow him to carry out a “social experiment” about the dangers of giving a community of people a powerful tool like LBP’s level editor. The hacker, who calls himself Derpcrew, has taken credit for an attack on the servers that is forcing players to wait up to three minutes every time they try to play a level online. In a statement to Kotaku, the hacker said the attacks are in protest against Sony’s lack of a public response to a recent security breach.

There’s been a rash of noxious activity surrounding PlayStation Network’s Little Big Planet servers as of late, and the ongoing drama has resulted in the game’s developer disabling user-created levels completely. The developer’s reasoning? Because of “Toxic behaviour by a very small minority of users.”

word-image-10899 Put it in the section Here’s why we can’t have nice things: A toxic hacker has apparently caused Sony Little Big Planet’s online servers to go offline. LBP isn’t really an MMO, but parts of the franchise do offer some degree of multiplayer and network gameplay, plus a lot of player-generated content. We know that some members of our community are experiencing server problems, Sony wrote on Twitterthis weekend. Rest assured, we are investigating these new attacks and will update you as soon as we know more. Shortly thereafter, the company informed players that given the severity of the recent attacks, we had no choice but to temporarily shut down the game servers. We do not take these attacks lightly, especially when they are directed at loyal members of our community. We thank you for your understanding. Last night it was announced that a hacker seems to have found a way to take control of the game’s bug reports and spread hateful content for fringe groups. Apparently the attacks are not new: Eurogamer reported similar attacks in April and November; one of the first attacks resulted in the deactivation of user-created content, and players reported that ongoing DDOS attacks were orchestrated by a specific individual who was unhappy with Sony’s treatment of the franchise.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about little big planet hacked and let us know what you think.

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