Allegedly, Windows 11 takes a high toll on laptop batteries

Microsoft’s next Windows operating system is coming, and it’s been making its way through Microsoft’s labs for a while now. In the meantime, it’s still not officially out there, but leaks and rumors continue to trickle in. Windows 11 appears to be no different, as early reports suggest that it will take a big toll on laptops’ battery life. Not only is it rumored to be more battery intensive than the previous versions, it also requires more processing power, and will require higher resolution on all of your screens.

In a new research paper, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, suggest that Windows 10 is significantly more taxing on the batteries in laptops than Windows 7.

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  • Another important bug is being noticed by a growing number of Windows 11 users on the forums.
  • After installing build 22000.65, battery life on portable devices such as laptops decreased.
  • Apparently, in some cases, battery life was even reduced to half the normal range.
  • A few weeks earlier, Microsoft had promised users that the new operating system would indeed save battery.

Aside from all the specific software issues insiders have already discovered in the structure of the upcoming operating system, a hot topic these days is how it will affect certain hardware components.

There have already been cases where users have reported that the fans on Surface 2 devices stopped working after installing Windows 11.

Battery life also seems to be a factor in this discussion, as people have noticed their laptop’s battery draining much faster than before the pre-build was installed.

Significantly shorter battery life with new OS

Social media is full of many posts that seem to be going in the same direction: The default settings in Windows 11 drain the battery much faster than the previous operating system.

As you can imagine, this has led to much discussion about the mistakes Microsoft made in developing this operating system.

And as you know, an unfinished, unreleased operating system that is still in the testing phase can degrade a device’s performance or cause other hardware conflicts.

In the aforementioned post on Reddit, a Windows 11 user claims that the battery issues started after installing build 22000.65 of the new operating system.

Apparently, this problem affects a large number of users. In fact, the highest percentage of responses confirming the original post is found among users who have also experienced the change.

I also have this problem, on Windows 10 I have about 4 hours of use on my laptop, after using the dev build for Windows 11 I only have about 2 hours.

It should have been the other way around

Few expected this, as Microsoft proudly boasted that Windows 11 will save battery life thanks to an improved dynamic refresh rate.

Although there are many references to this problem, the first version of the next operating system does not seem to have provoked a similar reaction.

The possible culprit here could be a new update that brought more features. However, this is only one of the reasons why this great programmatic endeavour turned out to be misplaced.

If you also want to know how the new operating system works on portable devices from Microsoft, such as laptops or tablets, read our in-depth article.

But before we pass judgment on the future, we need to see how the tech company will improve Windows 11 in the coming months until its official release.

Are you experiencing the same problem after installing Windows 11 build 22000.65? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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