CotoMovies Shut Down, Shares User Data with Authorities

In a unprecedented move, CotoMovies, a popular gaming website that features movie trailers and other content, has shut down, with no warning to its users. What caused the site to close? It seems that the site’s owner, who goes by the name “Coto” and is known in the video game industry as a prolific film critic and commentator, has decided to hand over user information to authorities.

CotoMovies, a popular movie streaming service that allows users to rent or stream movies for a monthly fee, has shut down following legal pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). In a letter sent to CotoMovies in December, the MPAA asked the streaming service to stop offering its service to American consumers. After receiving the letter, CotoMovies announced it would begin offering its service to customers outside of the U.S., which has resulted in the service shutting down.

CotoMovies has permanently ceased operations and intends to hand over user data to the authorities.

Popular streaming service CotoMovies has permanently closed its app after being pressured by the rights holders of Hellboy and Angel Fall.

Developer publishes user data

The owners of CotoMovies have also said that they may share their users’ personal information with authorities.

The developers have issued a public statement apologizing for their actions. Here is the full transcript of the speech

I would like to offer my sincere apologies to the owners of Hellboy and Angel Fall, as well as all copyright holders, for causing and contributing to copyright infringement by using the CotoMovies application. Through this stressful legal experience, I became aware of the damage that apps like CotoMovies do to those who invest their time, effort and money in making movies. I now intend to fully comply with intellectual property laws and strongly encourage those who have used my app to use legal movie apps. To that end, I have agreed to turn over user information and communications in my possession and under my control to the copyright owners’ attorneys so that they may enforce their valuable intellectual property.

Copyright holders are likely to target users ofapplications

In a statement to TorrentFreak, a legal representative for the owners of the two films said they would likely file a lawsuit against users of the CotoMovies app.

The rights holders contacted the developers of TweakBox and asked them to remove CotoMovies and other similar apps that offered free streaming of their movies. As a result of the pressure, the developers of CotoMovies have decided to permanently close the service.

What should users do?

We do not tolerate copyright infringement. We have always encouraged our users to use these free applications to stream public domain movies and series. At the same time, we are convinced that everyone has a right to privacy.

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Now that CotoMovies is no longer available, check out these alternatives to try on your FireStick or other Android devices.


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