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We have already talked about ShowBox in our previous article “Download Showbox V3.0.3 Apk” and it is a nice app for Android users to download and watch videos in HD. Today, we’ll tell you more about ShowBox 4.0.4 Apk and download Showbox 4.0.4 Apk for your android device.

The developers of Showbox, the most popular app for streaming movies in multiple formats, have announced a new update to their app. The new version is 3.14.4, and it has a bunch of new features, such as downloads for movies and TV shows, offline support, and a new remote control. It should be available on the Google Play Store soon.

The new version of Showbox v4.0.4 contains your favorite TV shows and movies for you to watch and enjoy for free. No registration, no subscription and no connection. An Android device, a fast internet connection and Showbox v4.0.4 Apk are all you need to enjoy the latest movies and popular TV shows. Turn your phone and tablet into a personal mini cinema and take it anywhere.

Showbox v4.0.4 Apk Features:

In the current version of SHOWBOX V4.0.4, new features have been added. These functions are as follows:

  • You can now sort series and movies by genre and year of release. This makes it much easier to browse through the desired content.
  • Showbox v4.0.4 has a brand new Favorites section that displays all your favorite movies and TV shows highlighted.
  • The new Showbox lets you export and stream subtitles from external sources, so you can enjoy movies and TV shows with subtitles in the languages of your choice.
  • A download function has been added, allowing you to download your favourite TV shows and movies directly to your phone’s memory for later viewing.

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Bug fixes coming with the new version of Showbox v4.0.4:

Below are some of the latest bug fixes in Showbox v4.0.4:

  • In previous versions, there were several instances where users reported that they could not resume a particular thread after receiving a call or message. This bug has been fixed, and you should have no more problems continuing the current thread.
  • Some users have complained that the Showbox app suddenly crashes if it runs continuously for more than an hour. This bug has been fixed and you can now stream unlimited hours.

How to download Showbox v4.0.4 :

  • Go to the official Showbox website
  • By clicking on the Showbox application download link on the
    Download v4.0.4 page
  • Once the ShowBox file is received on the device, click on it to install it
  • Once the application is installed, you can watch movies.

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