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I have been asked this question quite a few times within the last few days, so I decided to write a new post to help with this. This post will go over how to disable private or randomized MAC addresses on some devices that have the option.

A random MAC address is one that is different for every device that connects to a specific Wi-Fi network. These are pretty common on public networks such as airport Wi-Fi, but it’s less common to find them in situations where you might think you’d be anonymous on an open Wi-Fi network.

There are some reasons you might not want to share your WiFi network using SSID, such as a school or workplace. Also, people have their own reasons to not want random IP addresses being used to connect to a given WiFi network. The latest version of Android has a nice feature that allows you to disable private IP addresses, or randomized MAC Addresses, on devices that support it.

Disable private or random Mac addresses on Android Do you know how to disable/enable MAC address on Android smartphones? Disable the private or random MAC address on the Android device. For better protection or privacy, smartphones running Android 10 or higher use a random Wi-Fi MAC address by default. If you wish to disable this option in certain cases. Here is how to do it by following the instructions below. Read: Connecting to a Wi-Fi network in Windows 10

Why should you disable random MAC Wi-Fi on Android?

Most users prefer to leave the randomization of MAC addresses on or off. This is a privacy and security option that makes detection more difficult. If you want to disable the private or random MAC address and return to the original MAC address on your Android device. However, it is best to disable this if you are using MAC address filtering on your router. In this case, if your device accesses and uses a random MAC address, your router cannot identify your device and you cannot use certain MAC settings for your device. If your Wi-Fi router is configured to permanently assign a specific static IP address to a device on your local network, you must associate that IP address with the MAC address of that device.

Disable private or random MAC addresses on Android devices

It’s easy and simple to assign a private, random MAC address that you can turn on or off whenever you want. Therefore, you should know more about the fact that most Android versions and models use different names for certain setting functions. For example, Samsung says Connections and OnePlus says Wi-Fi & Network, but both refer you to the same place in the Wi-Fi settings menu. There are two ways to access the settings on your Android device. First method: On many Android devices, simply swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen and tap the cog icon to access the settings. Second option: Go to the Home screen of your phone and tap the Settings icon to open it.

  • Now tap the Wi-Fi and network option in the settings. (You can also tap Network and Internet or Connections, depending on your device.
  • Then find the Wi-Fi option and tap it to view your Wi-Fi networks.
  • Once you see the name of your Wi-Fi network in the list, click the gear icon next to it.
  • Then click on the Advanced option and then the Privacy option.
  • OnePlus, Pixel phones and Samsung devices.

Tap the cogwheel to open settings on Android and tap Wi-Fi and network. word-image-1357 Tap Wi-Fi and tap the cog next to your Wi-Fi network name. word-image-1358 If you are using OnePlus and Pixel phones, select Use MAC Device. If you are using a Samsung device, click the MAC address type and select the MAC phone option. If your device does not fall into one of these categories, find a similar feature called MAC and enable it. That’s it, close the settings and you’re done. Be sure to use this method for any Wi-Fi network where you want to use the phone’s actual MAC address.

frequently asked questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from different people on how to disable private and random Mac address on Android.

How to disable random MAC address on Android?

If you want to disable MAC edge switching or private address on Android devices. Just go to Settings, select Network and Internet, and then choose Wi-Fi. Now click on the cog icon next to your network name. Then click on the type of MAC address. Press the MAC option on the phone and reconnect to the network.

Disable random MAC address in Samsung

Disabling Random MAC Addresses on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 or higher First, make sure your device is connected to the Quill network. Go to your mobile phone settings. Select Connectivity, and then Wi-Fi. Now find the cog icon next to your Quill network and click on it. Select the MAC address type and select the MAC phone option.

How to disable random MAC address in Android 9

If you are using Android 9 and want to disable the random or private MAC address on your device, go to your phone’s settings. Select Connectivity, and then Wi-Fi. Now find the cog icon next to your Quill network and click on it. Select the MAC address type and select the MAC phone option. Read more:On Android devices, each one has a specific MAC address that can be used to identify it on a network. Since this is sometimes used for security purposes, the ability to change the MAC address can be useful. This is a guide on how to change it.. Read more about how to stop mac address changing android and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off private address on Android?

If you’ve ever tried to view the IP address of someone on your phone, you’ve probably noticed you can’t disable that feature. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something you may find interesting when you’re trying to set up a new device. Some of you may have noticed that your Android phone has a random MAC address on it. What is a MAC Address? It’s basically a unique identifier (like your phone number) for your computer and network. This is what allows networks to be able to understand your phone. If you ever go into Settings>WiFi>Cellular Networks>SSID and it has a different MAC Address than your other phones, no worries. It’s just the way networks and computers communicate.

How do I turn off randomized MAC address?

Wireless networking is a great way to connect devices remotely, but with the proliferation of WIFI routers, it’s not unusual to find a device that needs to connect to the internet, but doesn’t have an IP address. This tutorial will show you how to assign a private IP address to an Android device. Google’s Android operating system is known for its open source nature and its commitment to providing a free operating system that is built and sold hardware manufacturers. One of the features of Android is the ability to assign a randomized, private MAC address to each device. This allows a device to be assigned a unique address, which is ideal when using a device in a public location, such as a coffee shop or a library. This unique address allows for the device to be used by anyone, and not tied to any specific owner. For some, this is not a helpful feature.

Why does my phone have a randomized MAC address?

It is sometimes necessary to remove the random address (a.k.a. “random” address) from your device’s MAC address. It’s useful for when you have multiple devices with wireless cards in them and only one connects at a time, but it leads to security issues and is just plain annoying. As every Android device comes with a MAC address (a unique hardware identifier), you probably know from your work or studies how important it is to keep this number as private as possible. This is why you may have heard the news that your phone has a random MAC address, but it can in fact be disabled.

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