How Visitor Management System Aids Emergency Evacuation

After deciding to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency, it’s vital that everyone is evacuated safely, without delay. But if there’s one thing that can slow down an emergency, it’s the traffic jam. With traffic lights down and roads clogged, you can often find yourself stuck in traffic, or worse, an unexpected detour.

You’ve just been trapped in a building by an earthquake and it’s up to you to get everyone out before the building can collapse. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, that you need to get everyone out safely. But how do you do this?

Video games have been a staple in emergency preparedness plans and exercise drills over the years. Even beyond the scope of gaming, the unique and challenging nature of the gaming experience has enabled its use in military, law enforcement, and other contexts. Even beyond the world of games, gaming technology has proven to be the perfect companion for emergency planning and exercises.

The visitor management system has stood the test of time and proved invaluable to organizations, especially in administration. In addition to registering and tracking customers, it has also proved its worth in the event of an emergency evacuation.

It is very important to act quickly in an emergency situation, and only the right technology can help you do that and respond effectively.

Using the right application is important to keep people in the field safe, and iLobby for Government Agencies has proven to be just that.

How does the visitor management system work?

It can effectively help rescue workers locate a person. Current hybrid working models in particular can benefit from this.

In this blog, we look at how visitor management systems can be useful during emergency evacuations:

Quick Release Position

In emergency situations, time is always of the essence and you need a solution that works fast and has responsive technology.

If you continue to use traditional visitor services instead of iLobby for Government, you may experience the following problems

  • The visitor management system is known to manage all jobs safely and clearly. Trying to do this with a physical guestbook means there is no backup.

And in any case, if you lose the original, it will be very difficult to quickly and accurately count all the people in the building in an emergency.

  • Registering guests with paper and pen can be tedious and time consuming.
  • Due to its static nature, the system does not provide flexibility in emergency situations.

With all these benefits, it is wise to choose a visitor management system that uses flexible technology and is prepared for any situation. iLobby for Government is the ideal choice to deal with these situations.

Improving the productivity and effectiveness of the organisation

Hybrid forms of work are conquering the business world and will become increasingly common in the future. They are undoubtedly very useful to increase productivity in the workplace.

However, a mixed composition of people working in the office and around the world can be challenging when it comes to manually registering employees with pen and paper.

There has to be a better way to ensure efficiency without wasting too much time. Implementing a VMS is a solution that saves a lot of time and other resources while improving the efficiency of the system.

VMS technology allows you to record each member of the group and mark their safety with minimal effort. The solution also allows you to synchronize the work of all employees on different devices.

Accessing cloud data with automatic backup

Traditional systems are losing their effectiveness as they become obsolete, and new technologies are much better. A physical ledger system not only costs an organization time and money, but also compromises the security of its information.

With cloud storage, you can access all your information much more efficiently, without security concerns. This allows stored data to be accessed even when offline and is therefore very valuable in emergency situations.

A good VMS facilitates evacuation

In case of an emergency, it is important to have multiple exits. During a disaster, it is normal for employees and visitors to panic and, in an attempt to escape, make the situation worse by crowding the room, trampling and blocking exits.

But a VMS can streamline the entire evacuation process by showing the exact location of every person in the facility, and you can use it to direct people to different exits and routes. The system also helps you clear the room faster and make sure everyone is following the protocols correctly.

Improve building evacuation procedures with VMS

It is very important to be prepared for an emergency because the situation can escalate quickly. A calm and quick response will help you to control the situation effectively.

A visitor management system from iLobby is a complete solution for any organization, especially government agencies, that facilitates daily tasks and saves a lot of resources. It is also compatible with all systems, so you can easily integrate it into your own.

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