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Welcome to our one-stop guide for all of the new changes to the Sea of Thieves. With the March update, we’ve added a ton of new content, including: new and returning NPCs, new regions, new gameplay elements, and more! This guide will cover all of the new content we’ve added, but it won’t be comprehensive—we’ll be adding to it regularly as we release more content.

The recently-released Sea of Thieves is a pirate game set aboard a galleon. Player fights will take place in a swashbuckling battle royale, in which every single one of you could end up on the losing side. This guide will show you how to make a strategic plan that will help you survive as long as you can.

Sea of Thieves is a game in which players explore and sail the high seas of the sunken pirate city of Saltspray, battling rival pirates in a race to be the last one standing. However, as with all things in life, there comes a time when one must fall, and in the game of Sea of Thieves, that time is now. In this guide, we will teach you how to use the game’s various mechanics to your advantage, so when the tide turns against you in the game of Sea of Thieves, you can make your escape.

So, would you like to meet Captain Jack Sparrow? I don’t blame you. He’s not a legend for nothing! After completing the story of the Sunken Pearl, you will be able to begin the third story of Sea of Thieves:. A Pirate’s Life Expansion, Captain of the Damned. Since you can get great cosmetics by doing these tasks, there is no reason not to continue! Our quick guide will lead you to the right places, so you can continue collecting treasures and new images for your crew and ship.

How to complete the Captain of the Indestructible Whores

Captain of the Damned is the third Unforgotten in the A Pirate’s Life expansion. You must use Jack’s compass to reach the Sea of the Damned and Blue Bay, the sunken ship where Jack is supposed to be hiding. Then you’ll have to do a little fighting by solving vision-based puzzles. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight, because you’ll need it often!

Blue Bay and the ghosts of Praise Bay

After you deposit your earned treasure, speak to Castaway to begin the walkthrough for Captain of the Damned and all other mysteries. You get another compass and must navigate to the gate at the outpost. This portal will send you into the Tunnel of the Damned.

Once you have control of your ship, you sail in any direction. You’ll eventually come to the green arch. Approach the arch to bounce off the impenetrable green force field. Either way, it will light torches nearby that will lead you to the Blue Bayou, a large shipwreck. Don’t forget to check your compass from time to time if you’re afraid of getting lost! He’ll show you the way to the ship.

Board the Blue Bayou and go to the captain’s cabin. When the lantern goes out, take the candle on the captain’s table: the Flame of Souls. Cross the river north of the ship, find a boat that should be nearby, and start rowing to the northern part of the river. Leave the ship when you find a large wooden cabin and your ship moored nearby.

Enter the hut, go up the stairs and light the two torches on either side. This creates many souls, all holding one candle. Light the candle of a soul whose candle is not burning. This allows Tia Dalma to help you by opening the green force field that was originally blocking your ship. You also get the Ghosts of Bayou reward for it!


To continue the story Captain of the Damned, return to the ship and head southwest to the tall tower. Park your boat at the pier, which is lit for you. Light the lantern of the right skeleton on the bridge, so the torch will show you the way to the giant fortress.

Light four fire pots in the middle of the square, around the fountain. Then enter the well and find a skeleton with a lockpick in the water. Go outside and go to the big stone building in front of the door. The door handle works, and you can walk up the stairs once you’re inside. Don’t forget to cut the pulley and put the boxes in! You have to climb on these boxes to get over the barrier that leads you to the stairs.

Climb the ladder and lower the cage using the pulley system. Jump in the cage: This is your climb to the top of the ramparts. Climb up the platform at the right side of the elevator. Go up the stairs at the end, past the cannons, sprint across the gap and you’ll come to another pulley system. Keep climbing the wall!

Now you should be at the lighthouse with the grill. Light the charcoal fire, then begin to align the headlamp’s beam. You want to illuminate the headlight a little to the left of the lens. Then light the one further to the left, by the mountain. Move it slightly down for the third light and slightly to the left for the fourth light. The fifth lighthouse is a little further to the left, between the two poles.

Ghost Raid and Captain of the Damned

After you turn on the traffic lights, the ghosts will be ahead of you. Defeat the ghosts until the Black Dog Briar enters the field. Defeat him to win the Captain of Memories prize.

Now that the ghosts are gone, you can go to the two beacons that are lit up. Go there and you will enter a cave that leads to Isla Tesoro. Dock in there and go to the right of the wall with the guns on it. Go up the stairs at the end and destroy all the ghosts that come up to get to Black Dog Briar ….. Again. Once you’ve dealt with him, you’re free of the ghosts and can move on to the final part of the Captain of the Damned story.

Return to your ship and navigate to the newly lit beacons. Beacons lead you to a confrontation with Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. All you have to do is sail between the lighthouses towards them to find the tavern of the cursed captain. Jack doesn’t want to leave the tavern, but Pendragon shows up. Jack will now join you on your next adventure!

Swim through the portal again to finish the story. Now you can complete the dark brotherhood. When you’re ready, of course. Jack can wait.

Sea of Thieves : A Pirate’s Life turns out to be much more than a crossover event. There are tons of new missions waiting for you, tons of cosmetics to collect and so many treasures to grab! Not to mention, you can form a legendary partnership with the one and only Jack Sparrow! If you’re looking for a reason to try Sea of Thieves, or need a reason to get back in the game, there’s no better time than now! Don’t forget to buy it on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

If you need more help with Tales and other aspects of A Pirate’s Life,, check out our guides!The Sea of Thieves Captain of the Damned Guide is the latest addition to our range of guides. The Sea of Thieves Captain of the Damned Guide is a (previously) free guide we created to help Sea of Thieves (SotW) players get started in the game. This guide has been updated to include information on how to master the game, as the community has continued to grow since launch, and a new skill tree has been added to the guide.. Read more about sea of thieves captains of the damned commendations and let us know what you think.

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