Spellcheck not working in Word: 6 Fixes

Word has a handy spellcheck tool that you can access from the keyboard options menu. However, as any word processor veteran knows, these tools can be fickle. While Word is extremely reliable at catching spelling errors, it often doesn’t catch its own mistakes. One of the most common issues with spelling in Word is that it doesn’t catch words that are in the dictionary.

Word is the most popular word processing application ever, and the amount of people who have trouble with Word is staggering. While there are many reasons why Word might not be working properly, it is also possible that Word has genuinely stopped working, and not that the fault lies with the user. So what should you do if Word won’t let you check your spelling? Here are some possible solutions.

I am afraid that I have got to turn my attention to Microsoft Word today, as this is the program I am most concerned about in the current state of the world. My biggest problem is that I haven’t seen my spell check in Word do anything for me since I started using it. I know that you should not be relying on spell check in Word, but I have tried all the other things that I read about, and they all have their ups and downs.. Read more about word spell check not working and let us know what you think.Microsoft Word is probably one of the most popular word processing programs on the planet today. This software has been actively developed by Microsoft from the beginning and is surprisingly easy to use.

But like anything technological, it has its problems. In this article, we’ll look at some troubleshooting techniques you can try if spell check isn’t working for you.

If the spell checker does not work in a Word document, try checking the document’s language and spelling settings.

Step one: Open the document and select everything in it with Ctrl + A.

Step two: Go to the Verification tab and click Language, then set Verification Language…….

Step three: Make sure the correct language is selected and the Do not check spelling and grammar box is unchecked.

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Check the control exception settings to make sure the spellchecker does not skip any text in the document.

Step one: Click on File.

Step two: Click on Settings.

Step three: Click on the Proofing tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure both checkboxes under Exceptions for are unchecked.

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Sometimes external add-ons can interfere with Word’s spell check. Try running Word in Safe Mode to disable all add-ons, open your document and press F7 to check spelling manually.

To start Word in safe mode, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the Word icon or menu item.

Renaming a Word template may force the program to create a new template, which solves your problem. Here’s how.

Step one: Press Windows + R to open the Run command prompt. Type %appdata%MicrosoftTemplates and press Enter.

Step two: Replace the file normal.dot (or normal.dotm if you are using Word 2007) with any file.

Now restart Word and the spell check should work properly.

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Renaming the Correction Tools folder in the Windows registry may force Word to create a new Correction Tools file, resetting the default settings.

Step one: Press Windows + R to open the Run command prompt. Type regedit and press Enter.

Step two: Go to the next folder.

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftShared ToolsProofing Tools

Step three: Right click on the 1.0 directory and select Rename. Rename the directory to another directory.

Now restart your computer and start Word again. Your problem should now be solved.

The recovery program works for the entire Office suite and can fix most, if not all, of the problems you encounter.

Step one: Press Windows key + X to open the context menu. Touch applications and features.

Step two: Find Microsoft Office in the list and click Edit.

Launches the installation program with additional instructions on how to restore the Office suite installation.

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Someone who writes, edits, films, presents technology programs and races virtual machines in their spare time. You can contact Yadullah at [email protected] or follow him on Instagram or Twitter.Before we dive into how to fix Word spellcheck not working, we ought to first establish why you’re using it. If you’re trying to use spellcheck in Word because it won’t let you enter certain letters, then you’re probably working on a document that is hard to edit. The easiest way to avoid this is to use a spelling checker in Word that detects editability, and that way you’ll only have to worry about your spelling errors. If you are doing something with a lot of spelling errors, then you might want to use a spellchecker that tries to fix these errors automatically, and that way you won’t even have to type a single letter. ~~. Read more about windows 10 spell check not working and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my spell check not working on word?

Spell check is not working on word because it is a misspelled word.

How do I reset spell check in Word?

Press Ctrl+Shift+F3.

How do I force Word to spell check?

Press Ctrl+F7.

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