Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest Review: Choose Your Own Rageventure

Keep those wolf teeth and claws sharp this year when Werewolf: The Apocalypse™ officially brings its newest game to life as a free digital download for the iPhone®, iPad®, PlayStation®4, and Steam®PC.

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The near-future setting here is a world where much of human civilization is under threat from the ravages of climate change. Governments are collapsing, resources are scarce and the once-feared werewolves of legend are becoming menaces to society. To aid in the fight against the wolves, teams of Lycanthropes — human beings who have been infected by the virus and are in the process of transforming into their cursed bestial forms — are put together.

Werewolves, it turns out, are very bad. You may have noticed this by their many appearances in movies, television, and other pop culture works. This excessive behavior may be due to the price of lupine fur hair products or the fact that volatile teens always prefer boring emo vampires. It’s hard to say, really. Either way, lycanthropes love to get angry, and the newWerewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Foresttext adventure certainly captures that emotion. Anger and how you, the player, deal with it are the main themes of this interactive story. Heart of the Forestis not as simple as a Choose Your Own Adventure game, such as the recent and surprisingly funny The Innsmouth Case, in which you just choose from the answers offered and see where the story goes, although that’s pretty much how it goes.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest Reviewed by: Choose your own wilderness adventure

word-image-11332 In Heart of the Forestyou play as Maya Borodich, a student who takes her new friend Anya to Poland to discover her family roots. When she ends up in her grandfather’s strange little town, she soon discovers that her last name is not popular there. His grandfather’s grave is desecrated and marked, the villagers shun him and strangeness takes over. In this context, protesters and loggers clashed over the fate of a vast virgin forest near the city. Logging companies want to make a profit from the rainforest, while others want to protect it. For those familiar with the source material, werewolves are inextricably linked to the land, so this forest is a particularly sacred land. Usually you are presented with a description of a place, situation, person or dialogue, and then you must choose from a short list of possible answers. Some decisions are mundane, some are intriguing, but some affect the values of the main character in a very RPG-like way. Rage, willpower and health can depend on the choices you make during the story, making your decisions an integral part of the gameplay. In the beginning, you’ll be dealing mostly with emotional issues, but as the story progresses, the choices can become more physical. As a metric, e.g. B. Will, is exhausted, some options are not available. If you are unable to control your anger because of your past choices, you will be forced to follow a potentially unwanted storyline. Although the gameplay itself is entirely text-based, the presentation of the game, with its beautiful and expressive artwork, music, and ambient sounds, complements the narrative character well. With all this in mind, Heart of the Forest has, not surprisingly, a lot in common with its tabletop roots. The game itself uses the same art and writing style as these books, which is a great compliment. White Wolf’s games are beautifully designed books, with a very different narrative writing style than Dungeons & Dragons. The photo realistic style art is fun and excellent. All of these qualities are here, in what is essentially a digital version of this material.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest Reviewed by: Baseline



  • A wonderful presentation that evokes nostalgia for fans of the source material.
  • Well written, with attention to history, diversity and real issues.
  • More advanced than the standard game Choose your adventure including important statistics


  • It seems too expensive for a short text adventure
  • Little action or in-depth role-playing

Heart of the Forest is fascinating entertainment. It’s an interesting story with well-developed characters, and it uses real history and contemporary issues in a compelling way. Most importantly, the game makes excellent use of the source material. The game’s story is only a few hours long, but there are many paths to explore. Still, the $15 price tag seems too high for a game that will cost a multiple of that after its inevitable release on mobile devices. For players who like text-based adventures, this game can still be recommended. [Note: Walkabout provided a copy of Werewolf:The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest that was used for this review].

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